BEST Space shooter Galaxy attack -Arcade shooting Game REVIEW

BEST Space shooter Galaxy attack -Arcade shooting Game REVIEW

BEST Space shooter Galaxy attack -Arcade shooting Game REVIEW. On the off chance that you are a major fanatic of arcade shooting match-up like galaxia, galaxian and galactica with the new present day battle, and need to acquire the opportunity the cosmic system games, so Space shooter: Galaxy assault is ideal game for you. With great free space games kind, old game with another specific situation, Space shooter: Galaxy assault puts you ablaze with limitlessness space shooting. You will be confronted heaps of abhorrence adversaries and manage numerous striker supervisors in cosmic system wars. It is safe to say that you are certain you will endurance in the war of outsider shooter?

BEST Space shooter Galaxy attack -Arcade shooting Game REVIEW

BEST Space shooter Galaxy attack -Arcade shooting Game REVIEW


  • – Perfect Shoot them up: Choose your contender dispatch, starship to manufacture your own space group! Recall to endurance!
  • – Challenging effort: +200 levels loaded with outsider trespassers! It ought to be your limitlessness shooting missions!
  • – Epic and immense managers: Show-off your aptitudes. Appreciate arcade shooter game space battle – fueled up
  • – PVP – web based shooting match-ups, center with companion, assemble your space group, mark your name on pioneer board worldwide.
  • – Stunning structures, astounding lighting and enhancements.
  • – Lucky wheel, day by day mission and free pearls regularly for you.


  • – Slide to control your spaceship avoid adversary’s shots.
  • – Use coin and jewel to redesign or advance your spaceship to battle with mammoth adversaries and outsider trespassers.
  • – Use fitting spaceships and techniques for each level and chief.
  • – Remember utilizing power-up thing, sponsor thing to step up simpler.

The Galaxy’s future is currently in your grasp. Prepare your ship for space assault right now game.

Poor execution. Brimming with irregularities. In PVP mode, the rival player gets more than twofold the focuses as me for a similar level? How does that empower more interactivity? I continue beating levels, yet the rewards don’t coordinate what the player needs so as to continue purchasing overhauls. The main thing changing as I progress is that it accepts twice as long to beat a level since you don’t compensate enough “cash” to purchase overhauls.

Cherished the game from the outset, incredible illustrations and like the manner in which it turns out to be additionally testing as you advance levels. But…now when you click on the promotions in any way, shape or form the entire game will RESTART, an additional turn, a reward cosmic system box, an additional life during play (which makes you lose your place on that level and any honors you may have gotten). This has gotten extremely irritating, as I need to trust that the game will reload and begin once again from where I started from. Would this be able to be FIXED?

Thinking on the individuals who play this game just as the promotions themselves, I have a few worries about the individuals settling on choices on what is proper or not. The promotions themselves are not age suitable advertisements. I can’t imagine that there’d be in excess of a VERY little bunch of individuals, playing this game, who’d be keen on a home loan, casting a ballot, legislative issues and so forth. That being said it is glaring and evident that the main thing that they truly DO think about is your cash, and how to isolate you from it.

The PVP modes are coordinated unreasonably. In the wake of paying 1400 game coins to enter, you get coordinated facing players who have paid $$ for better ships and lose your coins. It used to just be 400 coins, cost expanded worh no admonition. Fix the calculation. (Appears as though it’s about the cash). Likewise, there are no protection settings. In the wake of visiting the FB page, my data appears to be accessible for all to see. Where are the protection settings?

Try not to introduce ONESOFT games. since the engineers are incredibly voracious they are winning many dollars from players and when you nearly came to become celebrity 9 or 10 abruptly they bolted your record. This occurs with me. I was playing this game since 2 years realized they bolted my record. My Id was muntazim akbar khan. In this manner I will prompt you that don’t wast your cash and time. Much obliged

Addictive game, issue with it likewise with all games you need to spend a great deal to get the great boats. Pvp mode is horribly unreasonable as all I appear to get is to play against other people who are higher positioning and have the best ships which are paid for (something I won’t do as they get enough through ad’s)

I love this game however when I play the snake I don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred yet I lost n then it took me on to the following levels n it won’t let me play it days I need to play the privious level well it won’t let me it’s not there.. n I feel truly ripped off I burned through cash on this game.. so I surmise I’ll simply need to erase it..plz fix it!!!

Game has no parity, in interminable mode insufficient catalyst to execute adversaries, in initial 5 phase you get 4 or 5 catalysts; at that point till arrange 20 you scarcely get any catalysts, in any event, acquiring best ship appears to be week in unending mode. Foes get more grounded yet we don’t get enough catalysts to dispose of them, you need more wanderer ups including into game, likewise getting murdered with one shot is simply not directly in a since a long time ago run game

PvP is uneven and some way or another surrey. It resembles the game simply do everything to let the other player wins on the off chance that he has a higher VIP lvl than you. The new mode was extremely pleasant however you expelled it, to many whines from VIPs I assume. Also, after the last update everything in pvp got more diligently. Truly disillusioned.

The matchmaking in PvP is downright awful n individuals having lower power spaceship than yours still figure out how to beat you…. The coins required to update is truly elevated n ordinary movement levels are likewise truly hard…. Need to purchase dispatches continually to keep yourself in the race or else u can’t generally win…. So fundamentally it’s compensation to win… Which I dont truly like…. Generally speaking the experience is fulfilling though…. Still need to see hardly any progressions

A great deal of glitches . Used to appreciate playing the game yet now I don’t as an excessive number of issues with the game. The most recent is that now I can’t join a group as by one way or another I am still piece of my old group in the wake of leaving it. Much obliged for attempting to help however I don’t utilize FB.


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